Canada - Student Partner Program (SPP) FAQ

What is SPP or Student Partner Program for Canada?

The government of Canada has a very special program for Indian students, and this is called the Student Partner program (SPP Canada).  This program allows Indian student to get visa very quickly and with minimal documentation. In addition to this Indian student will also get work permit after doing their studies. Canadian government has appointed few selected colleges to get admission under SPP Program Canada . Most of the colleges listed under the SPP program are Canadian government funded and offer very high level of education.

What are the advantages of applying under SPP?

  • Fast visa processing
  • Advance medicals reports
  • Quality of the institutions is assured
  •  Less documents required for visa
  •  Post Study Work Options for students

What are the requirements from student for applying under SPP?

  • The student should have a minimum of 50% or ‘C’ grade in their most recently completed degree/diploma.
  • ·Medical examination from an SPP approved Physician is essential prior to submitting the visa application form.
  •  The Letter of Acceptance should have planned start date and end date of the program.
  •  It is mandatory to give the IELTS and should score a minimum of 6.0.
  •  Education loan from an Indian Chartered Bank is mandatory and 80% of tuition costs, living for 1 year and travel expenses should be covered from the loan.
  •  Full mark sheets are required. (Consolidated mark sheet are not acceptable).
  •  More than one year of gap after education is not recommended.

What is the processing time of SPP student visa application?

An SPP student visa application takes around 5 to 10 working days.

What is the visa application deadline?

SPP applications should be submitted by 1st of August in order to seek admission for September intake. Indian students can lodge the student visa applications via VFS. A list of VFS officers in India can be found at the link below.

Can a visa once refused be granted if apply under SPP?

No. To apply under SPP the student should have never been refused a study permit to Canada. If a visa is once refused then the student has to apply outside SPP.

Can I apply without IELTS?

No, Minimum score of IELTS 6.0 band is compulsory to under SPP. 

Can I apply without education loan?

No, Education loan for 80% of the first year of expenses is compulsory to consider an application under SPP. If you have funds and do not wish to take up the education loan, you can apply for visa under general category but not under SPP.

Can I get work permit in Canada if I do not study under SPP?

Work permit scheme is open to all the international students who have graduated with a recognised qualification from any of the accredited institutions in Canada. The Work permit policy has its own requirement and each student should qualify / satisfy those requirements.

According to the present regulation of work permit in Canada, a student whose duration of course is for two years or more will get a work permit for 3 years in Canada. If the duration of study is for less than 2 years then the duration of work permit will be equal to the duration of study.

Duration of Study Work Permit Period
2 years 3 Years
Less than 2 years Equal for the duration of study

In addition in most cases for the first six months the student will be entitled to work only inside the college campus.

Can I settle in Canada after completion of my studies?

Yes, Canada has built its population from migrants from different parts of the world. Students have options to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada and the application will need to score atleast 60 points plus satisfy the health and character requirements.